What are the best ways to learn how to read music?

Learning to read music might seem like a daunting task. However, the best way is to master it gradually, just as you did when learning to read text. Many people start to read scores when they are starting to play an instrument, so that theory and practice go together. The easiest way to grasp the principles is to have a teacher who can explain it all to you gradually. You can also teach yourself the basics from a book, or by using the internet, where there are many educational resources available. Another option is DVDs which explain how to read music.

To begin with, you need to learn the essentials. All scores are written on the staff, which is a set of five parallel lines. At the start, concentrate on the treble clef, which is used by all singers and instruments in the higher musical range. Just as anybody learning to read must start with the letters, musical students need to learn the notes of the scale and how they are arranged. The notes in the spaces are easy to remember, because they spell out the word FACE, while those on the lines are in the sequence EGBDF – used to make the phrase ‘Every good boy deserves favour’.

Next, you will go on to learn what the shapes of the notes mean, indicating how long they are held for. There are also many abbreviations, taken from Italian, which show how the tune should be played. These range from pianissimo, abbreviated to pp, which is very soft, right up to fortissimo, abbreviated to ff, which means very loud.

As you carry on learning, theory books will help to explain the finer points. However, it is important to listen to all kinds of tunes at the same time as reading the theory on paper. This is what will really bring the whole process of learning to read music alive. It will give an appreciation going beyond just reciting what the different symbols on the page represent.

15 Nov 2013

If you get into too much debt after buying your musical instruments, here’s why a debt consolidation loan will help

Musical instruments have never come cheap and a good musical instrument could cost you more than you have ever thought. Although, whilst not everyone is trying to buy John Lennon’s piano at £1.45 million , musical instruments can still be very expensive.

Having spent weeks traveling around music shops to find the perfect trumpet or baby grand piano, you then work out your finances. How can you possibly afford to buy this and still manage all of your other financial commitments.music composer

You might already have various store cards, credit cards, car hire purchase, electricity bills, gas bills, mobile phone bills and even the mortgage to pay each and every month.

These aren’t unexpected bills, everyone of them is due on a certain date and will be a set amount. You can take the monthly bills and group them all together. Putting your set monthly fees into a debt consolidation loan will allow you to take all of your monthly bills and make one single payment.

Why would you want to worry about five different interest rates on five different loan repayments to be made on five different dates. These can all be put into one payment, with one interest rate and only one payment date.

The process of transferring over from multiple loan repayments to a single debt consolidation loan is not only a simple one, but also an effective one. If you were previously having trouble paying the multiple bills, you will not be receiving phone calls or letters from all of these institutions, instead you will only ever have to deal with one company.

The new all in one loan will be designed around your needs and your capabilities. You will be given monthly repayment plan which has been worked out to ensure that you can afford to complete the loan with easy to manage monthly payments.

Do not put off buying a musical instrument just because of debt, everything can be worked out.

You may even start getting stressed if you can’t get the money you need for your musical instruments.

This is exactly why bad credit loans were invented – to help people who have a bad credit rating get the finance they need for whatever reason. So if you think you may have a poor financial history, then definitely look into this type of finance and start funding your musical passion.

16 Oct 2013

What software do you need to become a ‘home music composer’

You wake up in the morning and a tune is playing over and over in your head. Could this be your very first hit? You quickly write it down on a piece paper feeling proud of your brilliant composition. I wish it were that easy. Inspiration alone will not get you very far. This is where music composer software comes in to help with the things that right now seem impossible to you. There are many programs out there with various features and capabilities that will actually do the work for you.music composer

But how does one choose the best music composer software? Most of these programs offer free trials and there are several that are completely free. I suggest you start with the latter, since it gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with such programs and determine which features are more important to you.

The next thing you should consider is the ease of use of each software. Whether you are a computer expert or a complete novice, such programs could sometimes be confusing. Watch the program’s tutorial prior to downloading it. This way you can get a feel of its use and capabilities. Be sure to check out the program’s help and support options. There should be many “how to” and FAQ sections, e-mail and online support on both user and technical issues.

A good music writing program should offer tools such as a virtual keyboard, wide MIDI instrument selection, guitar chord and lyric entry. It should be compatible with most music file types.

The program should also provide adequate editing options, input/output capabilities. Whether you want to export your music as a MIDI file or merely print it as sheet music, the interface should be easy and straightforward.

Finally keep in mind that even the best music composition software will not work without your creativity and imagination. So go ahead and write your masterpiece.

12 Sep 2013